The latest US trend — video messages from stars: Chattyco & Volojoy merged to become the European market leader.

The USA’s latest trend is now also reaching Europe: fans can have their stars send video messages to themselves and their loved ones. Be it a birthday greeting from a pop star, a shoutout from a football player, a charity campaign by a reality TV star, or comforting words from a musician for fans who are currently unable to attend concerts — all of this is now available on Chattyco, one of the leading platforms for video messages in Europe.

With the merger of Chattyco and Volojoy, one of the largest and most attractive platforms for fan video messages in Europe has now emerged.

The pioneer from the USA — Cameo — has already achieved unicorn status there.

Chattyco has worked with stars like Kader Loth, singer Daniele Negroni, Hubert Fella, Matthias Mangiapane, and many more. Can win familiar faces for the innovative app from Germany. The merger with Volojoy has added celebrities such as Erkan & Stefan, Bastian Yotta, Bert Wollersheim, or national soccer striker Alex Popp to the German-speaking star line-up and expanded it on an international level with more than 200 stars from 14 countries and in 9 languages.

These include international actors such as Richard Brake (known from “Game of Thrones” and “Batman Begins”), Bart Johnson (“High School Musical”), Leonardo Nam (“Westworld,” “Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift”), Miltos Yerolemou (“Game of Thrones”) and Kelci “Saff” Saffery from the Netflix documentary series “Tiger King.”

With the Chattyco app, fans can now receive video messages from their stars in their national languages.

The founder of Chattyco, Sylvius Bardt: “With the acquisition of Volojoy, we want to accelerate our growth in Germany and Europe strongly. Our goal is to advance the US success story Video Messages from Stars’ in a market-leading way in Europe. Volojoy has managed to build a strong star portfolio in Europe. In combination with our successful marketing strategy and leading platform technology, we want to become the clear # 1 in Europe. “

Heissam Hartmann, founder of Volojoy: “After the rapid growth of the star portfolio in the past few months, I was looking for a partner to build an outstanding company. The very experienced team around Sylvius Bardt will work with me to make Chattyco the European market leader. “

The team is supported among other things from well-known seed investors: Stephan Schubert (onvista, STS Ventures), Kai Bolik (Gameduell), Roland Fassauer (Intershop), Mathias Spiess (Spreadshirt), Michael Wölfle (ProSieben), Felix Brosius (Pflegewelt).

“With this marketplace model, there is a lot to suggest that the “winner takes it all” principle works. Heissam (eBay) and Sylvius (adviqo) already have much experience with the successful development of marketplace models. That convinced us,” says Stephan Schubert from STS Ventures.

After completing a seed financing (> 1 million euros) in spring 2020, the A-Round is planned for spring 2021.

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Volojoy ist eine Plattform für personalisierte Videobotschaften. Fans beauftragen Prominente und Influencer für unvergessliche Videos :)

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Volojoy Team

Volojoy ist eine Plattform für personalisierte Videobotschaften. Fans beauftragen Prominente und Influencer für unvergessliche Videos :)